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I hear your feet

Sweet missing pieces of me

Come closer
And know Her…

Queen Medicine


In the Queen Medicine Circle we gather to receive and transmit the miracle of interdependence. 

We honor the divine alchemy of bright attention and self-tenderness and we cultivate the remedy of remembrance through:

Facilitated Group Sharing 

Somatic Centering

Mindful Movement

Sound Healing 


Muse Tending 

And Conscious Ritual


We know the earth as the sacred blueprint for renewal and release. 

We know ourselves as holy cycles in motion and we nourish the rhythm of these cycles collectively. 


Hear us when we say, 

true power is the soft, supple, sinuous force of Nature, yet it forces nothing. 


True power is an ancient, infinite nectar that is sourced from our memory of the divine feminine directive.


We are here to resurface this memory in the universal mind and embody it. 


We do this together because we came here together and 

because we are ready.

We are ready to receive and deliver...

Queen Medicine.


You desire intentional embodiment work in an intimate and safe container of women or female identifying people. 

You want to release toxic mental programming and amplify the rhythm of your body's knowing.

You find or want to find truth and empowerment through movement and sound.

You seek new somatic practices to integrate into your spiritual tool kit.

You want to cultivate a relationship with power that is based on the interdependent blueprint of Nature.

You are ready to remember your inherent worth and inhabit your essential nature.

The Queen Medicine Circle Membership includes:

∴ A monthly online Lunar Embodiment Circle,  communing with different phases of the moon through somatic centering, guided meditation and the Prayers In Motion Practice. (This circle will happen on the 4th Sunday of the month from 4:30pm to 5:45pm PST).   


∴ An in person embodiment circle on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm at Portland Dance Studio, (for In Person Membership Participants only).


∴ Participation in the online Queen Medicine Circle Hub, which offers an interactive online community platform and various rotating resources, including:

- Inspiration invitations 

- Contemplation questions 

- Invocations

- Mindful Ritual Practices

- Movement and Creativity practices

- Book recommendations

- Playlists 

- A space to engage directly with other group members in themed dialogue and resource sharing. 


 Access to my bi-monthly online Writer’s Workshops and membership only access to the replays of my free online Muse Activation Sessions, if you can't attend live (Rotating times).


∴ 10% off of all other Living Embodiment offerings, including 1:1 work.


The Investment:

$33/month (Online Only)

for a 6 month commitment

Membership can be renewed at the end of 6 months, if you seek to continue!

The Investment:

$39/month (Online Plus

In Person Circle - space limited)

for a 6 month commitment

Membership can be renewed at the end of 6 months, if you seek to continue!

“We are making a flying carpet here to carry us through our lives as contemporary mystics masquerading as ordinary people - people who hear the call both to turn inward and to step up, to cultivate a contemplative life and to offer the fruits in service.”

Mirabai Starr / Wild Mercy

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