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Prayers In Motion ONLINE

Join me for this weekly ONLINE movement series as we explore the theme, Nurturing Our Softness, using the channels of guided meditation, prompted free-writing, somatic centering, dance medicine and the Prayers In Motion practice!


What is Prayers In Motion?

Prayers In Motion is an integrative somatic and spiritual embodiment practice that weaves poetic invocation with intentional movement to still the mind, soothe the body and awaken the heart.


∴ Nourish your nervous system and rekindle your radiance through somatic centering.
Deepen your trust in the power of intentional word magic.
∴ Experience mindful ritual as an embodied practice you can weave into your daily life.
Claim and affirm your belonging through movement and invocation.
∴ Expand the ways you honor and connect with your personal sense of source.
Join the revolution of self-love with radical acts of embodied tenderness.

Nurturing Our Softness

Each series invites us to befriend a new theme.
The summer series of Prayers In Motion will focus on Nurturing Our Softness.

Our softness is an essential ingredient of our receptivity.


Our softness is an inherent element of our original nature.


Our softness is the texture of our youngest self, our inner child, our unguarded heart.

How do we nurture our softness? 

How do we praise it? 

How do we reclaim our softness as the most intimate companion to our strength? 

This series will be a deep and tender exploration of the gifts of our supple nature and the healing power of true surrender. 


Join me and this supportive virtual community as we invoke the Prayers In Motion Practice to catalyze our healing, inspire our interdependence and rekindle our sense of inherent worth.

Thursdays 9:00-10:30am PST
July 25th - Sept 19th

(No class on Aug 22nd)

Investment = $200
(payment plans available, inquire here

Replays available to all registrants - classes may be attended live or at a later time.

“The Prayers in Motion online class has been life changing to my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being while in graduate school in Austin, Texas. These online class containers have provided me the very embodiment tool and community I have needed to process and integrate challenging and beautiful emotions, tears and experiences. Prayers in Motion weaves reflection, movement, and prayer in a way that brings alignment to the center of one's being and supports one in returning home to their sacred temple of experience. Jocelyn utilizes a very trauma informed approach through her cadence, pace and intentions, which allows individuals to move at their own rhythm. I highly recommend Jocelyn’s online series for anyone who desires to deepen their spiritual path through embodiment and prayer.”

Abí Steinsiek, MSW, Breathwork Facilitator


"It's difficult for me to put into words how much this class means to me because it’s everything I’ve been searching for in a devotional practice. The moment I experienced a Prayers in Motion offering with Jocelyn, it was like a spark was lit within my body, and I tuned into a divine connection between myself and Spirit. Jocelyn has a natural gift for guiding intentional movement and prayer in a way that honors the human body's connection to the natural world. The Prayers in Motion sessions have been a healing balm to my heart and nervous system. I’m so grateful to have found this practice and I encourage anyone who is looking for a deeper connection to themselves to join the Prayers in Motion experience."

Hollie Manaska, Reiki Practitioner


A Note About The Mystic...

In my twenties, I might have described the mystic as a sphere of mystery and wonder where the invisible is made visible through ritual, sensation, connection and communion. 

I still believe that. 

Yet now, at the beginning of my 40s, I'll add:

The Mystic is the realm of original memory. 

The more we enter deeply into spaces and practices that speak to our sense of The Mystic, the more we awaken our original memory - the part of us that knows a resonance beyond 3D reality. 

The part of us that knows we are made of magic. 

Prayers In Motion has become a space of mystic resonance. Fusing the potency of poetic invocation, with the profound power of mindful movement and somatic awareness, stirs our memories and fortifies our trust in what we cannot see. 

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