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Root, Hips & Heart

A 4 day in person dance immersion for the sacred central channel
*for female identifying and non-binary folks

July 8th - July 11th
(8-11:30am on July 11th)
at Shabu Studios


The pelvic floor, hips, heart and throat create a primal passageway through which your embodied medicine travels. When you activate the movement codes of the curve and the circle inside the sacred central channel, you nourish the wellspring of your vitality, the fire of

your radiance and resources of your inner healer.


∴ Somatic Centering
∴Vocal Somatics
Dance medicine
∴ Mindful ritual 
∴Yin Yoga
∴Yoga Nidra
∴Sound Healing
The Prayers In Motion Practice


∴ Dissolve the stories of wrongness and patterns of shame that interrupt our flow and vitality 
∴ Awaken and honor the healing fire of our innate radiance
∴ Access the superpower of our sensuality and the medicine of our sovereignty in a well held container where we are safe and seen 
∴ Clear and nurture our central channel so we may reclaim our missing pieces and liberate the pure energy of our Muse 

This is for ALL LEVELS of movement experience

Each day of the immersion will be slightly different, but will always include an interpersonal check in, a guided meditation, a somatic centering warm up, deep dance magic and sound healing.  


In Jocelyn's Root, Hips & Heart container I felt an immediate kinship with each of the women, and it was incredibly cathartic to move, express, release and support one another under Jocelyn's extraordinary care and guidance.

I am grateful for our collective journey as well as the heightened connection that I experienced with my own body.

Jocelyn is an exquisite space holder, a gifted teacher and one of the kindest people I've ever known. Expect to laugh, cry, sing, and dance your ass off to her excellent tunes.

- Amanda St. Clair / Yoga Teacher 

If you are interested in this immersion and require financial support please reach out and inquire about my payment plans


Monday July 8th 8-10:30am
Tuesday July 9th 8-10:30am
Wednesday July 10th 8-10:30am
Thursday July 11th 8-11:30am 



A Note From Jocelyn

Time and time again, when I offer my body the nectar of loving presence, my self-trust deepens and my mindful attention brightens.  

The greatest healing experiences of my life, continue to emerge through this channel of radical self-trust and bright attention. 

Trust in my body. Attention to my tenderness. 

Trust in my inherent worth. Attention to my vulnerability.

Trust in my essential nature. Attention to my innate power. 


I am here to help you nurture this trust and this attention.

We will bring it with us as we receive and transmit miracles through movement.

We will honor it as the source of alchemy it is and we will cultivate the atmosphere of our attention so we can embody the truest truth. 


We are patient prayers living on the lips of holy mystery. 

Our bodies are the Original Garden and it is our birthright to return, together. 

I'm here for it.

I'm here for you.

I'm here for us. 


PS: If you want to be part of a consistent community of embodied magic makers, (and receive a 10% discount on Root, Hips & Heart), consider my membership!

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