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Monthly Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

July 15th

Muse Activation Session

A free ONLINE group inspiration cultivation session to nourish your relationship with your Muse

July 26th 

Lunar Embodiment Workshop

An ONLINE embodiment workshop to attune with the moon's magnetic somatic power

July 8th-11th

Root, Hips & Heart

A 4 day IN PERON dance immersion for the sacred central channel of the body

Muse Activation Circle 

July 15th 12-1pm PST

During this free 60 minute ONLINE group session, I'll speak to different themes and practices that encourage our creativity to flow, nourish the channels of inspiration in our lives and help us cultivate a deep and abiding relationship with our Muse. 

This will include lecture, Q&A and experiential work. 

Bring a notebook, a pen and a curious mind! 



Lunar Embodiment Workshop

July 26th — 9:00-10:15AM

During this 75 minute Lunar Embodiment Workshop, we'll tune our attention to the somatic magnet of the moon, aligning our energy with the particular pulse of the lunar phase. Through somatic centering, Lunar-Earth Body exploration and the Prayers In Motion practice, we'll empower our tidal nature and restore ourselves in the medicinal flow of cyclic time. 



Root, Hips & Heart

July 8th - 11th — 8:00-10:30AM (8-11:30am on the 11th)

Join me for this 4 day summer dance immersion, intended to awaken your connection to your vitality, strength and true vibration, using dance, mindful movement, invocation and the Prayers In Motion practice!


Each 2.5 hour workshop will be a supported journey and a tender celebration, as we feel into the tension and release stored in the sacred central channel of our bodies and liberate ourselves through the cathartic magic of movement and intention.


This intensive will be graced with guest facilitators who will guide the group during one of our sessions through a hip centered yoga practice in combination with restorative hands on reiki.

$333 (Payment plans available - inquire at


Writer's Workshop: Unlock Your Creative Magic

June 4th 

Writer's Workshop focuses on a rotating theme and invites participants to explore their creativity through engaging prompts and writing activation exercises. 

This month's focus = Love Letters To the Self 

Join me as we use the vessel of the letter and the cathartic alchemy of writing to generate luscious love notes to various aspects of our own being. 

In this workshop we will:

  • Use the structure and form of a letter to diversify our ways of word tending

  • Learn practices for loosening our writer's grip, tending our channel of inspiration and communing with our Muse

  • Summon the power and tenderness of our own writing voices


I also offer weekly classes, in person and virtual sessions, mentorships. Not sure what's right for you? Book a free exploration call.

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