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Calling all Writers, Word Tenders, Creativity Devotees and Muse Seekers.
Calling all those with a writing practice and all those without.
Calling to the one who feels most at home in the realm of story and to the one who desires to make story their cherished home.

I see you and I've got you because we can’t do this alone.

Good thing we weren’t meant to.

Creativity tending is a devotional practice and a celebration!
The most important thing I’ve learned about creativity tending is this:

The more we show up for our creativity consistently, especially when we’re not lightning-strike inspired, the more our creativity unfurls within us, stretching its spine and shaking its supple tail, willing and ready to cozy up beside us, no matter the mood or the weather. 

Writing, in particular, can be an isolating endeavor.

This is why I find it crucial to cultivate writing communities and circles of collective word tending.


I designed the Muse Medicine Circle Membership to provide and grow this kind of community, so that we may harvest and share the fruits of creative expression together. 

Within the Muse Medicine Circle you’ll be supported to nurture the three root systems of Creative Flourishing:


with rituals of practice


with inspiration


with a community of creatives

This membership includes:

A monthly online 90 minute Writer’s Dive

(2nd Tues of the month, 9-10:30am PST).

During this virtual meet up, I’ll facilitate timed writing prompts that hydrate and stretch our writing voices and provide kindling for our current projects. (Replays available to all MM Members).


Membership only access to the replays of my free online Muse Activation Sessions, if you can't attend live (Rotating times).

During these virtual meet ups, I’ll provide invitations into deeper creative exploration inspired by a monthly theme. There will be some facilitated group discussion and a Q&A.

Participation in the Online Muse Medicine Circle Hub, which offers an interactive community platform and various rotating resources, including:

- Muse tending invitations

- Creativity practices
- Inspiring playlists

- Book recommendations

- Podcast recommendations

- A space to engage directly with other group members in themed dialogue, resource sharing and writing sharing

- A Course Library that includes links to my previous writing and embodiment workshops 


Free access to my bi-monthly online Writer’s Workshop. 

10% off of all other Living Embodiment offerings, including 1:1 work.

Our circle will orient to different monthly themes that inform each Writer’s Dive and Muse Activation session. 


The Investment:


for a 6 month commitment

Membership can be renewed at the end of 6 months, if you seek to continue!

We collect and reflect wonder.  

We are storytellers and pattern chasers. 

We delight in our Muse and we learn from the enchantment and transformative power of our Imaginal Realms. 

We are here to inspire and to be inspired.

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