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The Holy Yes

In my fear I hear the echo of a mighty invitation. It finds me as I fold and freeze into a static shape. It reminds me that there is a permanent passage between fear and love and the more I walk the path between, the more embodied the path becomes. Indeed some days I walk it with my eyes closed, without a map, while the ground is quaking. Some days the route vibrates in my cells and I reach my hand out to guide others on their way.

And some days I have full fledged path amnesia, but I’ve developed a hobby that helps me remember.

I collect alchemical treasures composed of things that inspire the resonance of love, so I can navigate closer to Love’s frequency. My treasures combined produce a fear-to-love elixir which generates a magnetic memory force inside my body. When I take my first steps into the darkness of the passage, this force helps pull me towards the other side.

Some of my treasures include:

  • Breathing practices.

  • Mystery humor. (Humor that speaks to the totally bonkers reality that we are impermanent creatures engaged in a gigantic mystery walk and we can’t control the universe).

  • Songs. Songs that remind me of my heart. Songs that make me feel awake, brave, tender, clear, melty and wide.

  • Truthful, well held communication spaces. (Beloved ones who know what’s up and can honor my vulnerability and my strength simultaneously).

  • Really plush stuffed animals. Because...we are learning to walk through deep, dark fear territory towards the limitless golden shine of Love’s ineffable majesty. We need some cute-ass bears and owls. Maybe a mini pig.

But let me tell you about my very favorite thing that I’ve collected.

It is my Holy Yes.

My holy yes is the YES I say when the landscape is charged and the emotions are sharp. It’s the YES I say to the responsibility I have for everything I feel and enter into. It’s the YES I utter gratefully into the mystery verse, knowing that I am in a slow and beautiful process of remembrance and the only ticket to ride is this one word.



I am here.


I will do this.


After collecting these treasures, it becomes my joy to care for them and polish them until they glow like spiritual warrior ninja flashlights or constellations or stalactite clusters.

As I am presented with opportunities daily to travel the sacred space between fear and Love, I can reach into my tool belt and retrieve my magic talismans.

Tell me friends, what are your talismans?

What is the sweet taste of your elixir?

Fear is no joke. But it is an illusion.

It is the poison and truly, we are the antidote.

Love rises again and again and it requires us.

Devotion has no alternate agenda.

It is the heart becoming everything.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


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