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May You Behold Each Moment As Beloved

May marigold petals spill from your lips and string the air with ember prayer flags

May your bare feet revel in the rain kissed earth

May your fingers caress the tender place between blossom and root, where growth is both ancient and emerging

May your embraces bring you belly to belly with the beings you cherish

May your sense of silliness guide you into a supple position, where humble heart is open, and wonder mind is wide

May your spirit remain enchanted by the shimmer of great Mystery

May the wind share sacred secrets in a swaying rustle hush

May the syllables of nature form a wild mantra you can repeat

each morning as you rise

each evening as you retreat

May curiosity gently guide you

May delight invite you into presence

May you behold each moment as beloved

May you behold each moment as your home


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