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The Living Embodiment Lab

A 3 month, immersive group movement series with Jocelyn Steury 

Begins December 5th


∴ Somatics
Dance medicine
∴ Mindful ritual 
The Prayers In Motion Practice


∴ Grow conscious community
Tend our creative fire
∴ Commune with our inherent somatic wisdom
Hydrate our inner well of inspiration
∴ Cultivate an embodied relationship with our series theme



The word power is edgy. And I like edgy words. 

Edgy words indicate a threshold. 
Edgy words suggest there’s something beyond the solid ground where we’ve been standing.


Power, like so many other words and energies, has become associated with something it doesn’t actually represent. 

It’s been co-opted by the narrative of
Good and Evil. 

Strong and Weak. 


It has been removed from its source template.



Power, as modeled by the cycles of nature, is an energy that inspires birth, initiates growth, nourishes life and dissolves life inside the alchemical cauldron of death.

Hear me when I say, power is the soft, supple, sinuous force of Nature, yet it forces nothing
It is an interwoven, interdependent presence. 
It is a tantric field of call and response.

The NATURE of POWER is an ancient, infinite nectar that is sourced from our memory of the divine feminine directive.

And it’s time to resurface this memory IN OUR BODIES. 
Are you ready? 
Are you ready to embody the NATURE of true POWER?

My experience in the lab was a tender and soulful journey. The embodied prayers became anthems for myself and my family. Jocelyn held an intuitive space in our 1:1 work that was piercing while also nurtured and gracious. Like a true alchemist, she will help to teach your body how to speak in the between spaces.

- Amy Rhew


A Note From Jocelyn

Time and time again, when I offer my body the nectar of loving presence, my self-trust deepens and my mindful attention brightens.  

The greatest healing experiences of my life, continue to emerge through this channel of radical self-trust and bright attention. 

Trust in my body. Attention to my tenderness. 

Trust in my inherent worth. Attention to my vulnerability.

Trust in my essential nature. Attention to my innate power. 


I am here to help you nurture this trust and this attention.

We will bring it with us as we receive and transmit miracles through movement.

We will honor it as the source of alchemy it is and we will cultivate the atmosphere of our attention so we can embody the truest truth. 


We are patient prayers living on the lips of holy mystery. 

The Prayers In Motion practice grew out of my personal experience with the transformative nature of words and movement. It grew out of my deepest knowing that our bodies are the Original Garden and it's our birthright to return. 

I bring this practice to you now, along with the complimentary magic of dance medicine, conscious ritual and somatic centering, to fan the flames of our essential nature. 

We do this together because we came here together.

I'm here for it.

I'm here for you.

I'm here for us. 


∴  An opening group integration gathering & ritual
∴  Twelve, 2 hour, IN PERSON, Workshops
∴  A mid-series facilitated group zoom call
∴  A 1:1 embodiment session with Jocelyn

∴  Access to my winter Prayers In Motion ONLINE series

∴  Access to my monthly ONLINE writing workshops
∴  A 1:1 closure call with Jocely
∴  A closing group celebration gathering and ritual


∴  You want to release toxic mental programming and amplify the rhythm of your body's knowing.

∴  You find or want to find truth and empowerment through dance and mindful movement.

∴  You seek new somatic practices to integrate into your spiritual tool kit.

∴  You desire intentional embodiment work in an intimate and safe container of women.

∴  You are ready to remember your inherent worth and inhabit your essential nature.

I’m not sure when I’ll offer this lab again, so if you feel the call, don’t hesitate.


Integration Gathering

Tuesday, December 5th, 6:30-8:30pm

Group Movement Workshops
Tuesdays, December 19th - March 12th 5:30-7:30pm
(no class on December 26th)

Virtual Group Integration Check In
Thursday, January 18th 6:30-8:30pm

Celebration Gathering

1:1 Embodiment Session and Closure Call to be scheduled individually.


Can be paid in full or in 3 installments
*$300 deposit requested to secure your spot

The lab is not just a dance class. It’s a space where you can release anything you hold on to. It’s a gathering of people who hold you up with love and without judgment. Jocelyn has a way of tapping into each person and the group as a whole. Her teachings are absorbed through the skin’s contact with itself. The words are absorbed into the heart and mind. All of it fuses with the music that holds us to a rhythm of total embodiment.

- Erica Treadway

PS: If you want to get a feel for what this lab will be like, come to my free experiential workshop on Sunday Nov 19th! 

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